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CMMS School Store: Revolution Rack

18 days ago

November 20, 2019

Dear Central Mountain Middle School Parent (click here to access the coupon),

As you may have heard from your child, we are opening a STUDENT STORE at Central Mountain Middle School called — THE REVOLUTION RACK! This store is for all students and will be officially opening in early December during school hours (Thursdays during intervention time). The store will offer new and pre-loved items at very low to reasonable prices including:

• clothing — CM Spirit wear, jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants, shorts, long-sleeves, tanks, dresses, gowns, jackets and coats

• sneakers, cleats, dress shoes, flip-flops

• accessories including lanyards, hats, gloves, scarves, jewelry, hair scrunchies, belts and ear buds

• school supplies including notebooks, folders, pens and pencils

• small gift items, including gifts for pets

• candy and snacks

• hygiene items

• books (appropriate for middle school students)

Why support The Revolution Rack?

1. It’s fun for your student!

2. The prices rock!

3. Profits will bring more great speakers, programs and activities into the school like Challenge Day, Rachel’s Challenge,

PC Rocks and Mike Smith (coming this Spring!) as well as to help local families in need. NEXT WEEK DURING PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES (Mon 12:30-4:30; 5:30-8:00; Tues 12:30-2:00), The Revolution Rack will be open for parents to preview/browse and to purchase gift cards for their students (Merchandise will not be available to purchase at this time, gift cards only.) You can even SAVE 20% off your gift card purchases by presenting the coupon below, but ONLY during PT Conference days! What a great stocking stuffer! Come and see what the Revolution Rack is all about! You might just be surprised!

Sincerely, Joni Bumbarger IMPACT Coordinator

Feel free to email me at with any questions.

IMPACT, in conjunction with West Branch Drug & Alchohol Abuse Commission, is a group of local parents and community members who joined together in 2013 with two goals in mind:

• To help youth feel love and connection with their school and community

• To provide youth activities in a drug-, alcohol-, and tobacco-free environment

By Katrina Lee

Food/Water Expectations
Water Bottles – Students are able to bring water only to school.
a. NO JUICE, SODA, COFFEE, TEA, ETC. Spills are going to happen, and water is much easier to clean up and will not become sticky.
b.Water must be in a see through container transparent –clear or colored plastic is fine. No Glass Containers. All containers must have a lid that can be sealed.

a.Hot breakfast is available in the cafeteria and Grab and Go Breakfast is available outside the auditorium. Breakfast is available to all students free of charge.
b.Lunch- Students should NOT be taking milk, juice or any opened food items from the cafeteria. Students should not be eating in the classrooms or in the hallway, unless a teacher gives them permission for a special occasion.


Bus Safety Week & Parent Letter

about 1 month ago

On Monday, October 21st CMMS  hosted a Bus Safety Assembly for all grade levels. Please read over the attached letter for more information. 

By Katrina Lee